On 27th of November the Strategic Advisory Group on the reform of the health care system in Ukraine released Draft Strategy on building a new health care system in Ukraine for period 2015-2025.

The Document is ready for public discussion which starts on December 5, 2014 and will run until February 2015. Every interested citizen can take part in the public discussions. The discussions will take place both electronically and in the format of public discussion.

To take part in the public discussion of the Draft Strategy in the form of public debate, you should:

  1. View the link and see the dates and schedule of the discussions.
  2. Fill in the Form for participants.
  3. Identify whether you want to participate as a speaker or a participant.
  4. If you want to participate as a speaker you will need to make a short speech (presentation) of required format, include your suggestions for the Strategy.
  5. Send the presentation to saghealth@gmail.com no later than 2 days prior to the discussion. For example, of the discussion is scheduled for December 15, the deadline for presentation – December 12, 18:00.

Important to note that if you wish to make comments, ideas and proposals that may significantly influence the proposed Draft Strategy, please register as a speaker at the public discussion so you can bring your ideas straight to the developers of the Strategy.

To take part in the public discussion of the draft Strategy electronically, please, use the following Form.

Important! Proposals received in format different from the proposed, will not be considered.       

Consideration of proposals which will be received during the public discussions in the format of public debate or electronic format left to the discretion of the members of SAG.

Strategic Advisory Group is ready to hear the public opinion, expert community, patients, business, doctors and other interested personnel in order to consider the most appropriate in the Document.

We invite everyone to register and participate in public discussions!



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