Tihomir Strizrep

An international consultant in health care financing with experience in Central and Eastern Europe (Croatia, Montenegro, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine).

Tatiana Dumenko

Director of rational pharmacotherapy and support of state formulary system at State Expert Center, MoH Ukraine, authorized representative for the Ministry of Health of Ukraine in WHO cooperation centers on pricing and reimbursement of medicines.


Roman Fishchuk

ENT specialist, Master of Business Administration in Health Care.

Robert Yates

Senior health economist, World Health Organization expert on universal access to health care.

Oleg Petrenko

First Deputy General Director of private multidisciplinary clinic "Oberig", Advisor to the Minister of Health in 2005-2007.

Mykola Prodanchuk

Director of scientific center for preventive toxicology, food and chemical safety named after L. I. Medvid.

Igor Yakovenko

Freelance Advisor to the World Bank on health financing, Deputy Minister of Health of Ukraine in 2008-2010.

Volodymyr Kurpita

Head of SAG Expert Board, health specialist at WHO Country Office in Ukraine (2005-2008), Executive Director of the All-Ukrainian Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS (2008-2014),Head of State Service of Ukraine on combating HIV/AIDS and other socially dangerous diseases (2014).

Antonio Duran

International consultant on organization and policy in health sector with extensive experience in Central and Eastern Europe (Croatia, Ukraine, Bulgaria).

Andriy Huk

Expert on public health and health systems organization with considerable experience in international projects in Ukraine.

Alexander Kvitashvili

Minister of Labor, Health and Social Policy of Georgia in 2008-2010, an international consultant on implementation of social, educational and humanitarian policy.

Ain Aaviskoo

eHealth consultant, head of the group that initiated eHealth in Estonia.